Key facts

Insight from relevant policy and research to consider as background to Carer Passport schemes

  • Our health and social care services rely heavily on support provided by carers, with the contribution they make currently estimated to be worth £132 billion a year.
  • The Government’s mandate to NHS England (2017/18) sets out a commitment to identify and support carers.
  • In 2014, NHS England published its Commitment to Carers, which includes raising the profile of carers, person-centred coordinated care, and education and training.
  • Over a third (36%) of carers rated hospitals as carer friendly, whilst almost a quarter (24%) said their hospital was not carer friendly and 13% found their hospital the least carer friendly service in their community. (Building Carer Friendly Communities, Carers Week, 2015)
  • Almost a quarter (21%) of carers said their hospital does not recognise their caring role. (Building Carer Friendly Communities, Carers Week, 2016)
  • Six out of ten carers (61%) said the lack of support for them had a negative impact on their health. (Building Carer Friendly Communities, Carers Week, 2015)